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Welcome to Merline's homepage!
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This is my fave anime character...her name is usagi tsukino and she is from the anime series Sailormoon. I got this image from another website but i forgot the url! Sorry! I am so sorry i cant give u credit for this!
My Personal Homepage
This homepage is about a certain me who wants people from around the world to know her...of course there are freaky persons to introduce who known me...or i have known luckily ! (unfortunately!)
They are my crazy but somewhat cool friends, my ex-boyfriends (should they be here?), my minding-"my own"-business teachers (past and present!)...and well, everything under the sun!

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Magic 21

Magic 21 -
Free card game. For each "21" you make, you could win up to $4,999 in cash! Go try your hand  »

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