Anything Else Matters
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Can u believe this? Me who likes rock songs also like poetry? What a combination!

Vanished Love

Why must beautiful things be left with goodbye
That even heaven weep above the sky
Why have to end the happy moments
Of the young heart that's fulfilled with thy scents
Why there is love when not in time
Far from dreams of life's prime
Why sacrifice, why pain, why hurt
Sentimental feelings that cure one's heart
Why not endless when with you
Forever in my arms i'll craddle u
Why there is u and just a dream
Only can be real when dreams are all gone
Why have to go, why not stay
Why so many whys in this life to cherish
That when you leave the answers just vanish.

a poem from helen meriz's novel

My Ex-es and Crushes

My Weird Dreams

I had this dream that i am in a wedding...i am the bride! But my groom has no face and all i can see is his hair and he is dressed in white...but in that dream i know that his name starts with a 'j'! So all of u guys with a name starts with a 'j'...beware of me! I might find u and make u my groom! (lol)
Another dream of mine is i had a boyfriend and we're engaged to be married! His name is what about my groom with a name starts with a 'j'???
I had dreamed of me that i was dreaming! But i think almost everyone had this kind of dream...

All About Our Tropa!

Our group is called the "tropapits".

official founder: dhae terrones (accdg. to her she had tasted all kinds of alcohol in the philippines! she's pulling our leg!)
official pilot: emil oruga (i know he has feelings for that "somebody" and he wont admit it!)
official joker: harvey alunan (all his joke are green! He's also our official pet!)
official laffers: yelyn tolentino (my buddy! loves to tease everybody!)
and me! (u know me!)
official bf of chiqui: jojo estalane (fave expression: bi-bingo ka na?!)
official gf of jojo: chiqui nora (had a cyberbf without jojo knowing it!)
official "has his own world": lemuel de mesa (he never let us join his "world")

first movie-watched-together: "The Matrix"
first gimmick: we went to tagaytay to have a group study (yeah! as if!)
first drink-together: at emil's place on his birthday

more to come....