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    A little about me. just an ordinary wench who happens to be going out of her mind! If u ask my friends about me...they'll say "Merline? She's so moody! Now she's happy, laughing her heart out, but after awhile...she'll be quiet and grouchy!" (lol) Hey...that's just a part of me! But if u ask my pet he'll say im a good master and a best friend...of course you wont do it...pets dont talk! You'll be accused of getting crazy! But sometimes i talk to may dog u know...thinking that he can understand me...and i even talk to my roses! I ask them to grow and grow healthy and give me more flowers! I love flowers! For me, its the sweetest thing a guy can give to a girl...yeah...laugh! Im crazy but still a hopelessly romantic fool! Im inlove with love! Love makes the world brighter and brighter everyday! But i dont have any boyfriend right now...i just broke up with the last one recently...i have a crush and he is my brother's friend thats why i cant express my light infatuation for him...he's not exactly an ideal man u know...i like simple guys with simple taste and a good samaritan...and he must be understanding! I still got my childishness in me and he should have a lot of patience for that!

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There's nothing to talk about my family...we're just an ordinary group of people living happily together...solving problems together...minding each other's business...(how i hate that!) But i love my family u know...coz i know i can count on them!


I have two batches of barkada when i was in high school and my tropa now in college...the're very eccentric (whatever that means!), unpredictable and all crazy! We have a lot in common and in the top of it is the love to drink beer! and beer! and beer! But we are not that alcoholic! I have a friend named Alan and he is very good in guitars! He knows plucking thats why when i like to hear a love song i just call him and play and sing for me...yeah he also sings...thats why he thinks he is gifted! When Lorena(my bestfriend) and me wants to sing all day...we just call up Alan or go to his place and make him play the guitar for us! (As for exchange or rather talent fee!...we buy him chocolates!)


What i do in my free and boring time is...(what do i do?) Well...i surf! I listen to my fave radio station (NU! the home of new rock!), i go out with my friends and have a drink! I chat! I talk to myself occasionally to enhance my I.Q.! And I often daydream about anything! Mainly about my impossible and weird dreams and about my crushes! and crushes! They brighten my day you know! Sometimes when i get really bored and all that...i just lay back, watch tv and do channel surfing! Or just fool around! I could eat and eat in my dull times but im afraid to get fat! Sometimes i exercise at morning to reduce my baby fats...but i think its useless coz i just do it within 5 minutes! Coz i am still sleepy at that time! That 'a one! I also sleep in my free time and let me be taken into another world w/c i am the queen and all thats happening is beyond my control! I like to dream of me having magical powers and all that so i can do whatever i want...i can turn back times...i can go to the future...i can produce things just by a snap of my finger...u a witch! A good one! But sometimes i feel like being bad! Like u make someone cries...u make someone feel bad...u hurt people...i mean sometimes i get really tired of being good and all that and i wanna try being someone new! (Ooops! I think this info shouldnt be here! This is supposed to be place above!...Doesnt matter...)